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By creating landing pages, we help our clients to achieve leadership in the digital environment. Our expertise is based on the creation and delivery of digital products to the European and US markets. The agency's team consists of the graduates of the 500 startups accelerator (USA). ¹ We apply all the experience and knowledge gained from leading experts in the venture capital industry from Europr and the US while working on our projects.
500 startups is a multi-billion dollar venture fund and accelerator from the United States. 5 graduates of the accelerator have become unicorns (projects with a capitalization of over $1 billion).
A team with a deep business expertise
Low time to market
Starting from 6 days for landing pages)
Transparent process
You'll be able to monitor the production in real time
Result in metrics
Landing pages are created to convert leads for your business, so we pay close attention to the conversion
SEO optimization
We managе the basic SEO, that will help you with further internet marketing
We follow the latest trends, have an impressive collection of references, and crave the creativity
We keep our minds up-to-date
We carefully adapt all the layouts for multiple screen sizes, from 320 to 2550 px
Adaptive design
Why choose us?
We use the most modern tools in our work
Website and application builders: Tilda ∙ Zero block, Webflow, Wix, Bubble.
Graphics editors and prototyping tools: Figma, Illustrator, Photoshop.
Animation: Tilda ∙ Zero block (basic built-in), After effects (custom, tailored).
Integrations: Facebook messenger, Chart.js, Vue.js.
Also: domain names, web hosting services, SSL certificate, HTTPS protocol, database security, safe online transactions, and much more.
Four options to choose from: Basic, Optima, Professional and Custom.
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Full-fledged landing page of 6 blocks

Basic SEO setup
Now $570
Launch in 8 days

8 block landing page

Animation and 1 tailored illustration
Now $1,470
Landing page with non-standard solutions

Copyright illustrations

Animation of text, illustrations and background
Now $3,300
Creation of the concept of photo content and participation in the organisation of the photoshoot

Layout on bootstrap

Illustrations and animation from our design laboratory
Price on request
It's easy to start a project with us: the process step by step
We receive and process your request.
We validate the copy and visual content.
We create the design layouts (to demonstrate the selected style).
We approve the chosen style with you.
We implement the approved design.
We test the landing page and hand it over to you.
Please leave your contact details and we will reach out to you as soon as possible to clarify the details of your project. ¹
All submitted information is completely confidential and will only be available to the employees of the Uprising agency.
We usually call back within an hour during business hours 10 am ∙ 7 pm (UTC+3), Mon ∙ Fri.
Still have questions?
Drop us a line via service@uprising.agency or Facebook messenger on this page.