Special offer for 500 community:) Get a reduction of $500 for your landing page design.
Who we are
Your IT partner for digital leadership. We have created and launched numerous products onto the market, with their total capitalization reaching $16 million, and their audiences numbering in the hundreds of thousands of customers.

We are happy to offer special prices to 500 Global members. We grant a $500 discount for our design services. For example a landing page on a no-code starts from $2000. Design&development of an online platform from $20k, a marketplace from $40k.

To get a discount just add "500 global" in the request form "about your product" section and make a request
Low time to market
Starting from 40 days for services (not landing pages)
Unique expertise
The agency's team includes graduates of the 500 startups accelerator
Result in metrics
Design must also act as a conversion venue
Advanced instruments
Figma Professional , Youtrack, Miro, Notion, Metabase
Our expertise is based on the creation and introduction of startups and IT products to the European and US markets. The agency's team consists of the graduates of the 500 startups accelerator (USA). ¹ We apply all the experience and knowledge gained from leading experts in the venture capital industry from Russia and the US while working on our projects.
We create high-quality designs created not only with style in mind, but also with the aim of solving the tasks they were meant for, and coping with product challenges.
500 startups is a multi-billion dollar venture fund and accelerator from the United States. 5 graduates of the accelerator have become unicorns (projects with a capitalization of over $1 billion).
Our expertise
New principles of Bash Today's visual communication
Our experience is simple to grasp: we demonstrate it on a daily basis
Thank you for your work well done! The result is an excellent project that is modern, stylish, and convenient. I am delighted to have worked with you, as it was a very comfortable interactive experience and mutual rapport was found quite quickly. It is also very gratifying that you offered some of your own views on the project and gave us truly professional advice, but at the same time, you were so attentive to all of our wishes.
chief executive officer, founder
Redesigned the website of a eco friendly car booking service
Upshift: carsharing service (United States) ∙ design
Analysed current business metrics to choose the most important growth areas
Proposed the most important things to redesign and implemented them
Implemented illustrations from scratch
Updated the brandbook
Wedding box: vendor marketplace and organizer for wedding preparations
17 product interviews in 3 segments
CJM detailing, in-depth design support for external developers
Created and online-educational platform for an international law school
ICLRC ∙ The Summer school on public international law '20: educational platform ∙ design, development
Created in 50 days
Integration with Zoom, Skype, Microsoft teams
Online scientific libraries
Private-access web solution with enhanced security
Alligator: B2B consumer goods marketplace ∙ design, development
Launched an MVP of a B2B marketplace in 9 months
Launch of MVP in 9 months in a conservative industry
73 product interviews in 8 segments
Digitalization of the "factory ∙ distributor ∙ wholesaler" sequence
Launched and promoted a venue booking marketplace in a high-competitive market
Bash Today: a marketplace of event venues ∙ design, development, ML, SEO
Passed Sber X ∙ 500 startups accelerator
The first batch team to close an investment round after the accelerator phase within 6 months
It's so easy!
How to get your business
online, enter new markets
channels, and attract
new clients?
Implemented a high-loaded ESG service with multiple integrations
Razvivai.rf ∙ Business online: business support products for SMEs in the Far East of Russia and the Russian Arctic ∙ design, development, data science
Implemented in 40 days
Integration with VK business and REC
System fraud was reduced via data science
More than 7,000 entrepreneurs in the Far East of Russia have received support in the amount of $3.5 million thanks to the efforts of the project
I would say that working with us is in its own way exclusive, because each project receives great attention. We never shy away from pointing out the bottlenecks in your request and suggest ways of solving them. We are always guided by the principles of responsible ESG management based on legal and fair remuneration, transparent management, and clear communication of goals and objectives to the entire team. We also cherish the opportunity to be working with companies adhering to the UN Sustainable development principles (UN SDGS).
chief executive officer
What we offer
Redesign of existing websites, applications, platforms
Improvement of current metrics through data science
Product design from the ground up
Design implementation into a working web product by our professional programmers
Marketplace, LMS, and online platform creation
White label LMS and marketplace solutions
Product analytics and machine learning solutions for optimizing processes and increasing conversion rates
Additional tasks to be discussed on an individual basis ²
Our professional capabilities are extensive, but special tasks require a custom approach.
INMO ∙ Expert
Real estate operator
Bash Today
Event booking marketplace
Carsharing service
United States
Visa assistant service
United States
Our clients
To get a discount just add "500 global" in the request form "about your product" section and make a request
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